RadarCube ASP.NET Direct 3.21.0 Keygen Crack


Description: RadarCube ASP.NET Direct 3.21.0 Crack

    A fast, powerful and flexible ASP.
  • NET and Silverlight OLAP library.
  • The key features:- Royalty free.
  • – 100% managed code.
  • – Medium trust compliance.
  • – Supports IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.
  • – Requires no OLAP-servers to work.
  • An ability to create any multidimensional cube in run time or design time, using the minimum web-server memory.
  • – Hierarchies of three types: parent-child hierarchies (both balanced and unbalanced), multilevel hierarchies (both regular and ragged), mixed from all previous types.
  • DHTML visualization features:- Grid and Chart OLAP slice visualization.
  • – HTML or Silverlight control.
  • – Web parts support.
  • – Time intelligence support.
  • – Saving and restoring the current OLAP slice.
  • – Supports separate hierarchy or dimension sorting on any level.
  • An ability to override any sorting method.
  • – Supports ascending or descending sorting based on any column value in the OLAP grid.
  • – An ability of a hierarchy page-viewing.
  • This allows to significantly cut down the network traffic and make the OLAP analysis easier and faster.
  • – Supports filtering of any set of hierarchy members with or without applying these filters to the OLAP calculations.
  • – Supports the auto filtering of the hierarchy members depending on their values in the grid.
  • An ability to select some major/minor members, either according to their rank or on the Pareto principle.
  • – An ability to display in the grid not only the values of the measures, but a percent value in terms of totals, subtotals, or grand totals.
  • An ability to create your own context-sensitive rules on measure displaying.
  • – Complete control over any Grid cell contents and its web-style.
  • An ability to replace a cell’s content with any HTML code.
  • – Supports the custom popup menus in the grid.
  • – Handy integration with charting and other third-party components.
  • – The flexible export to: BMP, CSV, GIF, HTML, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIFF, TXT, XLS, XML.
  • – Easy localization.

Installer Size: 26.92 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Radar-Soft, L.L.C.

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