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    MagiName is a digital file rename software to quickly rename many digital photo files and picture files.
  • File names of digital photo files generated by digital cameras, such as “DSCF0010”, “DSCF0011” are annoying.
  • These file names make no sense.
  • We need a file name that can remind us what the photo or picture is.
  • MagiName can help you rename these annoying digital photo file names quickly.
  • MagiName is a must-have handy file rename software for digital camera users.
  • With MagiName, you will be able to:batch rename photo names of digital photo files generated by digital cameras, such as DSCF0015″, make no sense.
  • With this file rename software, rename all these digital photo files with custom name prefix, creation date and counter.
  • .
  • Key Features * Batch-rename names of digital photo and picture files Rename many photo files with one click.
  • You can select rename different photo files in different folders.
  • * Preview photo files and renamed file names Preview photo files before adding to rename file list.
  • An example will show how the file names will be, when changing some options.
  • * Automatically insert file creation date into file names Insert the file creation date into each renamed file names, eg Jordan20001031-003.
  • * Custom counter The starting counter number, increment of counter and the number of counter digits can be set.
  • * Copy photo files and rename them in a different folder You can rename original files in their original folder.
  • Also you can choose to copy files to a different folder and rename files in the new folder.

Installer Size: 1.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000
Developer: Keronsoft

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