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Description: OfficeMDI Tabs 1.1 Keygen Crack

    OfficeMDI Tabs is the no-code-required solution for providing tabbed MDI interfaces in your VB applications.
  • It works with your existing MDI applications: Just add the controls to your forms, change a few properties, and you’re ready to go!OfficeMDI Tabs quickly enables your application to have the latest UI appearances used in recent Microsoft applications.
  • Two different .
  • NET tab styles and two different Office 2003 tab styles, Office OneNote Tabs, and even Visual Studio.
  • NET 2005 (Whidbey) tab drawing styles are all just minutes away with OfficeMDI Tabs.
  • Icons can be automatically added to tabs based on the document filename, or you can assign custom icons to each form.
  • It has long been known that users are often confused by traditional MDI interfaces, usually because documents tend to get hidden under other windows.
  • OfficeMDI Tabs eliminates the problem by creating a tab for each MDI child window, which allows your users to easily and efficiently find the document or window they are looking for.
  • Your MDI applications will immediately be easier to use for your customers, translating into reduced support costs, and increased sales of your software.
  • You can hide the scroll and close buttons, allowing you to provide a kiosk style application.
  • In this scenario, the only way a new tab window can be created is directly through your own code.
  • This is great for when you want several windows to always be open, and never closed by the user.
  • OfficeMDI Tabs is lightweight, so adding a tabbed MDI interface only requires a small 74kb OCX file.
  • Because it works with your existing MDI forms, the benefits are realized immediately.
  • Just add OfficeMDI Tabs to your project, recompile, and you are ready to ship.
  • It is so easy to use, we know you will be satisfied with the results.
  • We guarantee it.

Installer Size: 0.70 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: Teebo Software Solutions

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