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    Using the same standards of accuracy as published tables but with a catalogue extending beyond Barnard’s Star; it can be used as a sight calculator, a definitive astronomical reference or simply to print daily Nautical Almanac pages.
  • Multiple sights can be plotted/ combined while allowing for changes in course and/ or speed.
  • Once an altitude and bearing has been entered, a list of potential bodies will be offered so that ambiguous sights will be immediately apparent.
  • The other data available is comprehensive e.
  • g.
  • a Star Chart, twilight information, Moon phases and Eclipses.
  • It will even print conventional Nautical Almanac pages for the full range of dates; 9999BC to 9999AD.
  • The Alta screen can be used to plan sights or to list bodies around a point on the celestial sphere either by altitude/ azimuth or by Declination and Hour Angle.
  • The outlines of the constellations is the best available including ones like Sextons which rarely look like a sextant.
  • Bayer/ Flams teed designations are provided for over 3, 400 stars together with the names of over 500 stars.
  • Henry Draper, Hipparchus Tyco and GCVS designations are also available.
  • The Voyage Plan is a sophisticated tool on its own.
  • Tracks can be calculated from positions or tracks can be used to generate positions.
  • ETAs can be calculated from speeds or speeds calculated from ETAs.

Installer Size: 8.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: NavSoft.Com

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