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Description: AS FAN WIN32 DLL 2.1 Crack Serial

    If you ever want to have many deferent functions just in one library.
  • funtctions you love and hate, now you have it.
  • What does it means? Many times you seen them, now you can use them.
  • If you use C/C++, VB, Delphi, XBASE++ you can use ASFAN functions.
  • We program them very carefully, so there is minimum parameters and most of them are of type LONG, INT, LPCSTR and LPSTR, and names are full descriptive.
  • Serial communication is here, to support some basic communication with some devices connected to serial ports.
  • If you want some cool effect like transparent window, transition, now you get it.
  • Your application can set video mode, test and retrieve it.
  • Controlling desktop including hiding desktop icons, START button, system clock and task bar if you need that.
  • Shutting, rebooting, logoff from computer, monitor turn off, power down, or hibernate is also supported.
  • Prevent screensaver from starting.
  • Setting priority for your application or to part of it, so you can be sure that computer speed is all used.
  • Blocking input to window if you like, when you don’t want to allowed user to interrupt execution with keyboard or mouse activity.
  • If you need information for installed HDD you can get model, serial number and controller revision number for all installed IDE disks ), and you don’t have to deal with privilege stuff.
  • If from any reason you want to know did computer is running in SAFE mode, or have debugger started, or debugging version of windows is installed, now you can detect it.
  • If you need you can create new desktop and run extern application in it alone, and after that move back.
  • Play system sounds, detect status of your window (is iconic, maximized, normal).
  • set and lock foreground window, draw control .
  • .
  • We use only win32 API and provide easy access for your application.
  • That’s why this library is so small in size but great in action.
  • Check a list off functions, maybe you will find what you are looking for.
  • In DEMO you will see only 20 in action of 100.

Installer Size: 82 KB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP
Developer: AS Computer Software

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