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    The ScreenSafe application installs on the drivers laptop and will disable the monitor and keyboard while in motion, eliminating driver distraction.
  • The ScreenSafe application is completely customizable allowing the Fleet Manager complete control over when to disable the monitor.
  • ScreenSafe can manage a fleet of 10 or 10, 000 vehicles.
  • With more companies providing their mobile workforce with Laptop Computers, it is impossible to protect the drivers and the company by ensuring the computer is not a Distraction to the driver while the vehicle is moving.
  • With ScreenSafe the Fleet Manager can quickly and easily ensure 100% compliance.
  • ScreenSafe ships with a USB GPS antenna that allows the laptop to determine the vehicles location and adjust the performance of the computer to comply with company policy and ensure compliance with individual States Distracted Driving Laws.
  • ScreenSafe has user friendly installation process and with a configuration wizard that will allow an Owner-Operator to configure and activate ScreenSafe is less than 5 minutes.
  • ScreenSafe also has the capability for a Fleet Manager to access our online ScreenSafe Configuration Portal and configure a Master Configuration template that will be automatically downloaded and applied to all vehicles in the fleet.
  • As a Fleet Manager you must not only minimize expenses but also ensure that your vehicles comply with state and local Distracted Driving laws.
  • Distracted drivers have already cost companies hundreds of thousands in lawsuit judgments.
  • ScreenSafe allows the Fleet Manager to, with a modest investment; ensure that all company vehicles operate in compliance with the company’s policy as related to the use of computers in company vehicles.
  • Contact www.
  • MobilePCManager.
  • com to request a FREE Trial License with a GPS antenna today! Drive Safe – Use ScreenSafe

Installer Size: 5.68 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Mobile PC Manager

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