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Description: Biggly Diet Software 4.0 Cracked

    There are many diet software programs for counting calories or for exercise software but Biggly is specifically built for BODYBUILDING.
  • Workouts are covered in detail yet the software is very easy to use, with most things taking only a single click.
  • Your total workout and individual exercises are graphed for strength and volume, the system calculates how much weight you need on the bar and records rest periods, negative reps etc.
  • Choose from the list of exercises; add your own exercises, schedule workouts in advance, calculate calories burnt etcYour physique is monitored and instantly graphed in detail, meaning you can quickly spot if you’re over-training, which supplements actually work for you (and which ones are a waste of money!).
  • Nutrition is covered with food-group ratios, protein requirements and total calories, for cutting, bulking or maintenance.
  • Large database or add your own food, per serving or per 100 grams etc.
  • Vitamins and minerals are graphed automatically.
  • Cardio is covered including HITT, aerobic, anaerobic, FBZ, calories burnt, speed, lap times and graphed, plus a special fitness monitoring system.
  • The Biggly demo is fully functional.
  • When you register you get a key to prevent it locking, meaning you don’t lose your data.
  • Download today!Biggly diet software includes your score on the famous Biggly Body Index!

Installer Size: 3.44 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista

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