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Description: Free File Wipe 1.6 + Crack

    Wipe sensitive information off the hard disk! Free File Wipe is fast, secure and absolutely free.
  • Erase information securely off the hard drive! No Uneraser, undelete tool or data recovery product, no matter how sophisticated, will ever be able to gain access to wiped information – guaranteed!Free File Wipe is the first in the range of free data recovery and information security tools presented by Recovery-review.
  • com.
  • The range includes a small variety of handy tools to help ordinary users resolve sophisticated tasks – such as destroying sensitive information in a proper secure way.
  • What’s so uncommon about wiping stuff off the hard disk? What you should know is the fact that Windows does not actually erase information when you delete a file or folder.
  • Instead, the system just marks the file as “deleted”, releasing disk space occupied by that file as available.
  • This exact mechanism is being employed by every data recovery tool in existence, and exploited by every malicious person who wants to lay their hands onto your passwords, credit card numbers or other personal information.
  • So, shortly, Windows won’t wipe information off the disk when you delete files and folders.
  • If you do want to get rid of some files and want to make sure they’re gone forever, you’ll need a proper tool.
  • Free File Wipe will accomplish just the task.
  • It’ll not just mark the files as “deleted”; instead, Free File Wipe will actually open each file you want forever gone, and overwrite its content with random numbers.
  • If anyone tries to recover that file afterwards all they’ll get will be meaningless digital garbage.

Installer Size: 0.50 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 2003

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