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Description: LeechBlock for Firefox 0.004236111111111111 Full Crack

    Blocks designated sites to help maximize the productivity of users LeechBlock helps to improve the productivity of its users by enabling them to block various sites.
  • While there are other add-ons that enable you to do this, LeechBlcok provides additional flexibility and functionality.
  • One example is the option to block sites on certain time periods, including days and hours.
  • For example, you could choose to block a site or group of sites from 9am-1pm so that you don’t access them during morning working hours.
  • You can also choose to set limits on the amount of time that you can view the sites, for example, 15 minutes every two hours.
  • These functions can also be combined.
  • For additional protection from distractions, you can even password protect the app so that it takes you longer to adjust your settings.
  • LeechBlock also lets you organize your blocked sites into as many as six groups and tracks the amount of time that you spend on each group.
  • This helps you to see where the time that you spend on your computer is going and opportunities for how you can better use it.
  • If you have questions about how the add-on works and how it can help you to become more productive, you can visit http://www.
  • proginosko.
  • com/leechblock_faq.
  • html.
  • Support for the extension is available at http://leechblock.
  • freeforums.
  • org.

Installer Size: 71 KB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Symbian
Developer: Genericom

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