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Description: Net Send Lite 3.02 + Crack

    Net Send Lite is a small utility that uses the existing Microsoft Messaging Service to send network messages.
  • With Net Send Lite you can send messages to a specific username, computer name, IP address or the entire domain/workgroup on your network.
  • Simply click on Add button to add users to your system or the add multiple to select from a list of available computers on your network.
  • Once you have a user in your list, simply double-click the user and enter in your message to send.
  • Its as simple as That!With the latest version we now capture the ugly/boring Microsoft net send message window and display our own.
  • Now you can have a chat-type program that uses the existing Microsoft Messaging Service! No install needed and it prevents users from sending messages outside their network.
  • Net Send Lite supports sending to small groups of users on your network.
  • Simply create a group of users within Net Send Lite and you can send a message to all of those users by a click of the mouse.
  • Users can be the logged in username, computer name or IP address of the machine you want to send to.
  • Net Send Lite includes many options, such as the option to include a footer on every message, canned messages, a one-click jump to a URL or UNC path within a message, copy message contents, set the ENTER key to send the message by default and more.
  • Our Net Send Lite utility is the most comprehensive net send instant messenger tool on the market today.
  • One of the downfalls of using Microsoft’s “net send” is that when a user receives a message it says it was FROM the computer name.
  • As you know, the computer name is not always informative to users.
  • Net Send Lite allows you to resolves the senders login username, use the computer name or specify any name you want as the FROM in the message.
  • There is NO client installation required for users to receive messages.
  • Its already built into the operating system, however users must be running Windows NT, 2000, 2003 or XP and have the Messaging

Installer Size: 0.48 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2003
Developer: RJL Software, Inc.

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