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    RoadLog is a mileage tracker for your Treo, Centro or other PalmOS device that helps you focus on work of greater value.
  • Tracking mileage is something you do for deductions or reimbursements, not for fun.
  • So entering trips into RoadLog is faster and easier than using a paper logbook.
  • And when you HotSync, RoadLog sorts your trips into Excel spreadsheets by your choice of day, week, month or year for easy submission to your accountant or finance department.
  • Faster and easier than a paper logbookTracking mileage with RoadLog is much faster than using paper.
  • RoadLog remembers trips you enter including the origin and destination, distances between points (which you can update), and the reason for the trip.
  • You can record common trips with as few as four pen taps – and of course Treo and Centro owners who prefer the napped need not use the stylus.
  • Effortless, automatic Excel reportsEvery time you HotSync, RoadLog automatically sorts your trips into Excel spreadsheets by your choice of day, week, month or year.
  • Simply submit the spreadsheets to your accountant or financial department when it’s time to claim your mileage expenses.
  • That’s it!Lightning fast and widely compatibleRoadLog can HotSync hundreds of records in a few tenths of a second.
  • RoadLog works even if Excel is not installed, so users of OpenOffice.
  • org, Google Apps and other spreadsheet programs can use RoadLog too!Focus on work you valueTracking mileage is a necessary evil: something you do for tax deductions or expense reimbursements, not for fun.
  • Using RoadLog means you spend the least time possible thinking about non-essentials, freeing you to focus on work you value.

Installer Size: 1.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Handovation Software Inc.

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