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Description: GWD Text Editor 3.2 Keygen Serial

    GWD Text Editor is a powerful shareware text editor for Windows.
  • Features include configurable syntax highlighting, ANSI C compatible macro language, projects (IDE for Borland C++ and Java), plug-ins, clip library, FTP client, keystroke macros, code completion and API assistance for C/C++, Java and JavaScript, Script Wizard, Plugin Wizard, AutoSave and crash recovery, column/block editing mode, bookmarks, numbered lines, autocorrect, spell checker for 12 languages, customizable toolbar, print preview, line drawing, sorting, text formatting, drag and drop support, a remap able keyboard (with QEDIT, MS Word and WordStar keyboard emulations), support for DOS, UNIX and Mac text file formats, the ability to edit unlimited file sizes, ability to capture MS-DOS compiler outputs and more.

Installer Size: 3.32 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer: Vedran Gaco

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