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Description: Plot2k – AutoCAD Batch Plot utility 1.0.6 Keygen Serial

    Are you tired of printing drawings? well! we have a solution for you.
  • What is plot2k? plot2k is AutoCAD Batch Plot Utility which can open and print AutoCAD drawings in Batch mode.
  • Plot2k is a 32 bit utility designed to open and print AutoCAD drawings in batch mode.
  • with batch plot drawings you can print either all of your drawings or selected drawings in one go.
  • Plot2k is featured in opening AutoCAD drawings.
  • it has windows explorer like interface where you can search for drawings in different folders or subfolders.
  • it will list all the drawings in a list view where you can select the drawings to print.
  • Batch plot drawings integrates itself with AutoCAD and process all the drawings listed in list view.
  • it will open each drawing in AutoCAD and send the plot to your selected printer seamlessly.
  • it have features like to selected your desired printer, paper size and plot style table.
  • Plot2k can process any Dwg file of any version of AutoCAD as long as your AutoCAD supports that version.
  • it can find any drawings files on your hard disks as well as on your network neighborhood directories.
  • it can also search all the subdirectories of your selected path.
  • the target customers of Plot2k are those construction or consultant firms or traders / suppliers who have to prepare the sets of multiple drawings for submittals, bidding or any other purpose.
  • With Plot2k, now you can plot the drawings even if they have external references embedded.
  • specially when you have got the drawings from some body else and external references in the drawings are with absolute path.
  • batch plot drawings will search now for all the Reef’s in the drawings and load them before plotting.

Installer Size: 0.95 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: PLot2k

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