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Description: NiXPS (Windows) v1.5.1 Crack Serial

    View XPS Files on Mac & WindowsOur native XPS rendering engine renders your XPS files quickly and comprehensively.
  • This allows you to open and preview XPS documents, access the document via thumbnails in the page list, or use the continuous view control directly to easily read large documents.
  • Zoom and scroll tools are also provided, providing u powerful tools to inspect your XPS files in full detail, on any platform.
  • Print XPS Files on Mac & WindowsNiXPS v1.
  • 5.
  • 1 now features and in application print menu.
  • This allows you to make a print out of XPS files on your desktop, be it a Windows PC, or a Mac.
  • Convert XPS to PDFAnother powerful addition! NiXPS v1.
  • 5 allows you to convert your XPS files to PDF, which can be previewed using Adobe Reader.
  • Merge and Extract Pages and DocumentsNiXPS allows for all basic document manipulation such as extract pages from a document, but also merging different documents into one.
  • Search and Replace TextThe search and replace tools allow text changes on XPS files.
  • Ideal for last minute text changes, or filling in missing information.
  • .
  • Developers check out the NiXPS libraryThe power and flexibility of NiXPS, but in the form of a C/C++ library that allows you to raise the full potential of XPS in your cross-platform applications.
  • Featuring an .
  • api to render, read, write and modify XPS.

Installer Size: 2.04 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: NiXPS

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