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Description: Plancoin 0.3 Full Crack

    Plancoin is a “boss key” program: it allows you to hide some selected windows in one key press.
  • It lets you set up two hot keys: one to hide the windows and show them back, and oneto show the Plancoin Settings window.
  • The program then runs in the background and responds to the hot keys.
  • To determine which windows must be hidden, you have to set up a list of sentences.
  • In the Include mode, every window whose title contains one of the sentences will be hidden.
  • This mode is the default one.
  • In the Exclude mode, every window whose title does not contain any of the sentenceswill be hidden.
  • You can also choose to mute the sound when hiding windows.
  • As Plancoin needs to run in the background all the time, it has been designed to useas few system resources as possible.

Installer Size: 0.10 MB
Supported Operating System:
Developer: Romain Vallet

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