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    Calculation Made Easy Ver 4.
  • 1 is an electronic math flashcards program.
  • It has drills written to teach children (even adults) Tables, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.
  • Calculation Made Easy Ver 4.
  • 1 provides practice of basic mathematical skills and multiplication tables.
  • Indeed, it is a challenging program for practicing the basic of arithmetic.
  • Calculation Made Easy Ver 4.
  • 1 emphases on memorization of the number facts and on mental arithmetic (i.
  • e.
  • ability to perform computations in your head without the use of calculator or pencil and rubber.
  • Calculation Made Easy Ver 4.
  • 1’s development is based on my own thinking that memorization of facts and the practicing of mental arithmetic are vital in gaining proficiency in the basic arithmetic skills.
  • Calculation Made Easy Ver 4.
  • 1’s goals are to demonstrate competency by working problems mentally.
  • Gain confidence and maturity that will enable you to learn more advanced mathematical concepts with ease as all problems will consist of the operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and contain one two and three digits.

Installer Size: 2.69 MB
Supported Operating System:
Developer: AAP Media

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