Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal 3.2.11 Cracked


Description: Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal 3.2.11 Cracked

    Win32 emulation of WY50, WY50+ and WY60 terminals.
  • Part of the Wise Term suite of Telnet/Serial emulators.
  • Features: programmable keyboard; protect/write-protect modes; 24/25/42/43 line by 80/132 column display including Econ-80; char, line, page attributes; multiple, sizeable page modes; full split-screen support; status line; key labels; editing; tab-stops; char, line, column, rectangle clear/fill functions; line locking; answerback; monitor mode; line drawing; remotely switchable emulation.
  • Supports session logging.
  • Includes a modem dialer and a simple phonebook.
  • When using telnet, you can use your host file, or an edited version of your host file, as a machine directory.
  • Includes printing, and cut and paste.
  • Auto-font selection supports arbitrary resizing.
  • Includes optional toolbar.
  • Allows hiding of title-bar for an effective full-screen mode.
  • Right-click menu makes full-screen mode practical.
  • Configurable FTP program can be launched from menu.

Installer Size: 0.82 MB
Supported Operating System:
Developer: John Popplewell

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Author: Greg Scott

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