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Description: Sudoku flash game component 1.2 Cracked

    The Ciano Sudoku Flash Component is the classic game of Sudoku.
  • Pencil mark, real time check error and logic error are available.
  • You can also add the timer and implement buttons in order to get the solution or pause the game.
  • Double click on the component lets you edit the graphic objects and personalize it.
  • We have also the Ciano Sudoku Generator, it is a stand alone application.
  • Fist it builds the grid of Sudoku searching approximately random numbers, than remove as many numbers as you want.
  • You can choose also to use the manual modality, on this way you can set/or delete all the numbers manually and then generate the xml.
  • For much information about it visit the site www.
  • crifano.
  • com The component can be used without any scripting.
  • The code hereunder is only for advanced users that need specific actions.
  • –API–xml FilemySudoku.
  • xmlFile=”xml/sudoku.
  • xml”This property lets you assign an xml source document by code instead to use the “properties panel”.
  • restart MemySudoku.
  • restartMe ();This method restarts (or start) the game.
  • setTimeFiledmySudoku.
  • setTimeFiled (txtTimer:TextField);This method assigns a text field to the component; it will be used to show the time.
  • check CompletemySudoku.
  • checkComplete ();This method returns a Boolean value indicating if all the numbers are correct or not.
  • solve MemySudoku.
  • solveMe (value: Boolean);This method shows or hides the solution of the game.
  • pause MemySudoku.
  • pauseMe (value: Boolean);This method puts the game (and the timer) on pause or restarts it.
  • If the game goes in pause, a movie Clip will cover the game.
  • set MarkmySudoku.
  • setMark (value: Boolean);This method shows or hides the pencil marks (notes)set ErrormySudoku.
  • setError (value: Boolean);This method shows or hides the errorson CompletemySudoku.
  • addEventListener (“on Complete”, on Complete);function on Complete (e):void { .
  • var correct = mySudoku.
  • checkComplete ();}This event is called when all the numbers are correctly written in the boxes.

Installer Size: 2.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Unix, macOS 10.12 Sierra, Linux
Developer: Crifano

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