Unzip FTP ZipDeploy 2.1.1 Crack Patch


Description: Unzip FTP ZipDeploy 2.1.1 Crack Patch

    FTP Zip and Unzip on server.
  • FTP replication.
  • ZipDeploy is an FTP upload accelerator.
  • It enables you to unzip big packages on your remote host.
  • Depending on package size, 2 to 10 times faster deploy times than regular FTP transfers can be achieved.
  • The Problem : multiple files .
  • .
  • .
  • The Solution: ZipDeploy ! Uploading multiple files to a web site hosted remotely, somewhere on the Internet, can be a disgusting job.
  • Transfer speed is not the issue: the actual number of files to be transferred is.
  • The same problem with emails: do you spend time to attach multiple (say, 100) files to send them to a friend? I guess not.
  • You probably Zip them.
  • So, why shouldn’t one do the same with FTP transfers? Upload, and FTP unzip them.
  • Unzip server side : Unzip on server.
  • ZipDeploy is different from the normal FTP transfer program.
  • For a start, it’s as simple as possible.
  • It’s a wizard.
  • It lets you unzip through FTP – simply said- upload and unzip, or unzip via FTP.

Installer Size: 2.99 MB
Supported Operating System:
Developer: IET2004

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