SLS (Sanitary Lift Station) 1 + Crack


Description: SLS (Sanitary Lift Station) 1 Full Crack

    Features and CapabilitiesWindows 98 and higher format featuring Windows Input.
  • Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format.
  • Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions.
  • User editable Pump Curves.
  • US Customary or SI Units.
  • Calculates Maximum Head (All Pumps On) and Minimum Head (All Other Pumps Off) Conditions.
  • Plots System and Pump HEAD Vs.
  • Q curvesUser Friendly – Just point and click – drop down menus and convenient toolbar.
  • Other Features Include:Conversion between units at the click of a button!Configuration of Wet Well Parameters.
  • Calculation of Cycle TimeUses Hazen-Williams Equation to Calculate Dynamic Losses.
  • Multiple pump curves can be selected and plotted along with the System Head Curves.
  • Pump curves are manually input, labeled, and saved to files for future use.
  • Therefore, there is flexibility in whether the design/analysis is for one pump pumping alone, or several pumps in parallel or in series.
  • Versatile Printout Capability to any size paper – Portrait or Landscape Orientation.
  • Versatile range of printers supported.
  • And More!

Installer Size: 2.03 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows CE, Windows 98
Developer: Knowles Engineering Software

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