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Description: ReplaceKeys 1.01 Cracked

    ReplaceKeys is a fun little prank that allows you to replace many keyboard keystrokes with different keyboard keystrokes.
  • Let us explain.
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  • First you set the key you want to replace, in our case we will use the letter A.
  • Next you set the key you want to replace A with, in our case we will use Z.
  • Lastly you set how often it should replace the key press, in our case we will use 30 seconds.
  • Then you start the prank! This is what will happen: after 30 seconds has passed ReplaceKeys will wait for the letter A to be pressed on the keyboard, once it has it will grab the A keystroke and send the letter Z to the computer.
  • It works as if the person typed in the Z character!ReplaceKeys makes it appear that the user has miss-typed on the keyboard.
  • It will take them forever to realize you pranked them.
  • ReplaceKeys is completely hidden and can be stopped easily by moving the mouse cursor to the TOP LEFT corner of the screen.
  • ReplaceKeys is so effective we even played it on our president and he was fooled!ReplaceKeys works with any program you are using within Windows.
  • Yes, that means the web browser, email, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • The possibilities are endless with this little prank.

Installer Size: 0.33 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: RJL Software, Inc.

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