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Description: SmartSleep 3.62 + Activation Crack

    SmartSleep is a new and free to try utility for shutting down your computer at a specified time.
  • You can also schedule these tasks, so it can turn off your PC every Sunday at 18:00 and so on.
  • However, SmartSleep can do way more than That! SmartSleep supports these operations: Shutdown, Log Off, Reboot, Black Screen, suspend, Hibernate, File Execution and Display Message.
  • The shutdown utility has some really neat functions – you may display black screen during countdown so you can save the life of your monitor.
  • It’s also possible to slowly reduce the speaker volume, so if you are listening to music or watching films before falling asleep, you will love this.
  • With SmartSleep you may force all applications to quit during shutdown, even those which aren’t responding, so it will turn off your PC always.
  • You also can select program which will be executed before shutdown.
  • Unlike in many other applications, you may set-up date and seconds, so PC is turned off exactly when you want.
  • Combined with Atomic Clock Synchronization feature, the shutdown time is always very accurate.
  • SmartSleep has a clear and easy to use interface that supports minimizing to system tray.
  • It can be launched automatically at system startup and remembers everything you set it too.
  • You may set-up time by absolute time (16:30:26) or by relative time (12 minutes from now).
  • Shutdown scheduling is very powerful.
  • Tasks can be performed once, every day, or on specified days (Monday and Thursday, only weekends, all days expect Friday etc).
  • You may easily turn scheduling On/Off in options and individual tasks can be turned On/Off with checkboxes upon them.
  • For example, you may set ‘lunch reminder’ to 12:00 every day except the weekend, start program to clear your system at Sunday 21:00 and turn off your PC at 22:00 every weekend.
  • You can turn on shutdown confirmation window with timeout to prevent accidents.
  • Comprehensive help file included.

Installer Size: 2.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: Dextronet

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