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Description: Simon Says Blackjack 1.3.10 Keygen Serial

    Play blackjack with 2 other computer generated players or by yourself.
  • The computer controlled players will play based on a chart of moves that you can define that depends on the dealers up card and the cards in the players hand.
  • These playing charts are easy to edit and develop within the game and a different chart can be used for each player, allowing you to explore your ideas for best blackjack moves easily and quickly.
  • The bet amount of these players can also be set by the user.
  • Using the simulations feature of the game all 3 players will play according to the chart assigned to that player and vary the game bet based on the bet procedure assigned to each with no outside input from the user.
  • With the game speed set all the way up, a large number of hands can be played in a short period of time, allowing many game play strategies to be explored quickly.
  • Extra blackjack rooms are available for download at no extra charge from accidental.
  • com.
  • The demo version is limited to 5 uses until the program is registered.
  • All demo versions of the program can be upgraded for unlimited use from with in the game through the stellate secure transaction server with an internet connection.
  • This program uses Microsoft Agent technology.
  • Registration price is 19.
  • 95.

Installer Size: 8.92 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows 98
Developer: Accidental Software

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