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Description: FolderBox 1.00 + Full Crack

    FolderBox is an extension for Windows Explorer.
  • It displays additional folders in the lower part of Explorer, which enables you to display the contents of two or more folders at once! You can set-up and configure up to five Folder Boxes over the tab sheets of the FolderBox extension.
  • Additional drives and folders are now just a mouse click away.
  • Within a FolderBox you can copy and move, open and delete files, just as usual.
  • FolderBox supports the typical drag & drop handling of files.
  • It is fully interoperable with “standard” Explorer or the desktop.
  • You can even use FolderBox inside Internet Explorer!

Installer Size: 0.80 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer: BAxBEx Software

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