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Description: eM Client 7.2.36465.0 Crack

    A fully-featured email client at your service.
  • eM Client provides a modern outlook to your emails.
  • This fully-featured email client provides you with a stylish inbox along with an easy-to-use interface.
  • The tool also provides you with varied applications like calendar, contacts, tasks, and chat to keep everything organized.
  • The service is extremely safe and secure, all thanks to PGP encryption and support.
  • If you tend to take a backup of your inbox way often, eM Client provides an optimal solution to you.
  • You don’t have to exit the client to proceed with the backup, but you can now keep on working and running the client while the backup is underway.
  • What’s more, the tool also allows you to set up auto-replies for your Gmail.
  • Thus, your contacts won’t have to anticipate your availability.
  • Let them know that you are away with this effective tool.
  • eM Client has also made basic editing and resizing of images easier.
  • You can paste the images directly into the email body and they will automatically be resized to fit, and you will be able to adjust their sizes manually as well.
  • FEATURES• PGP encryption support: Stay assured, all your emails are properly encrypted and are safe and secure.
  • • Auto-replies for Gmail: Easily set up auto-replies for Gmail and prevent people from guessing your availability.
  • • Live backup: Taking a backup of your inbox is easy.
  • You can keep working while the backup is underway.

Installer Size: 509700 KB
Supported Operating System:
Developer: Genericom

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