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Description: SharePoint Permission Workflow 2.3.1215.3 + Activation Crack

    SharePoint Permission Boost is a SharePoint workflow template designed for WSS SharePoint2007/MOSS.
  • It provides additional features based on and beyond SharePoint default permission mechanism to SharePoint list.
  • These features include: 1.
  • Auto assign permissions to all SharePoint list items by workflow.
  • Under the circumstances that list item permission setting does not inherit from parent list permission setting, if SharePoint user needs to set permissions to all items of this list, SharePoint Permission Workflow can automatically assign permissions to items when an item is created or modified instead of manually setting permissions to each item.
  • SharePoint Permission Workflow not only assign permissions to users/groups but also to “user/group field column”, columns representing users/groups including “Created By”, “Modified By” etc.
  • inner columns and other users/groups columns like “Manager”.
  • With the Permission Boost workflow running back grounded, when item is created or modified, some permission will be automatically assigned to “user/group field column”.
  • For instance, in a task list, SharePoint users want “assignee” of this list to have read permission to tasks.
  • Since each task item corresponds to distinct assignee, it will be difficult for SharePoint users setting read permission to each item when assignee is appointed or changed.
  • With SharePoint Permission Workflow, users just need to give read permission to column “Assignee”.

Installer Size: 0.94 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows 2003
Developer: SharePointBoost

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