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Description: NETCheck 4.5 Crack

    NETCheck is a utility that .
  • NET developers can use within their own application to verify if the required version of the .
  • NET framework is installed and allow the user to download it.
  • Software developers need all types of users to be able to run their products.
  • If you develop a .
  • NET framework program and the user does not have .
  • NET installed, he will receive a Windows error message, which is not the first impression your users should see.
  • NETCheck is a Command-Line driven utility and launches just before running your own executable.
  • If your program requires the .
  • NET framework, NETCheck will notify the user that he needs to download it before continuing and provide a direct download link.
  • If .
  • NET is already installed, NETCheck launches your executable.
  • Use NETCheck with your .
  • NET application to be sure it can be ran on all Windows PCs whether they have the .
  • NET framework installed or not.
  • By providing a clean and friendly interface for users without .
  • NET installed, you will improve customer satisfaction, ease of use, and ultimately sell more software.

Installer Size: 0.37 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2003
Developer: ksoft

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