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Description: SiteVault Pro 4.0.28 Crack Patch

    SiteVault Pro is a complete rebuild of the previous version, gathering years of experience with website backup and web development servers backup.
  • It brings new features to compensate for slow FTPs and other inconvenient allowing speeds of 4 MB/s on very small files transfers that would have taken hours on a regular FTP.
  • The MySQL backup is also innovative in both speed and compression using a smart incremental engine.
  • General- Designed specifically for website backup and development servers- Incremental backup for both files and database records- Works as a service- Great for keeping safe points your code- Tested for huge projects- Able to browse and open files and tables in the backup- Windows Explorer like access in the backups- Lets you get the dump of the SQL and parts of it- Logical database backup (keeps the SQL dump)- Flexible include/exclude- Internal Linux like Croon Schedule engine- Smart cleanup engine that will keep the most relevant backups- Email notificationsProtocols compatibility & Coverage- FTP (Linux & Windows FTP servers)- FTPS, FTPS (E) (implicit and explicit)- SFTP (SCP)- Local files and folders- MySQL (using PHP gateway)- Wide compatibility of FTP serversRobustness & Stability- Designed as a backup server- Atomic backups, power failure safe- Solid design using a RDBMS- Easy to move to another computer (only 2 database files)- No more Windows related limitations for files- Self recovers and resumes in case of a critical errorPerformance and limits- 579, 324 files & 10, 195, 089 records in 19:16 minutes (incremental)- 1, 078, 117 files in 14:57 minutes (incremental)- Ideal for slow FTPs or servers with a lot of small files- Tested for up to 8 TB per backup- Tested with over 4 million files- Low CPU usage and low memory usage, takes about 20 MB when idle- Fast cleanupSecurity- Can use SFTP, FTPS, FTPS (E)- Can use HTTPS for gateway transfers

Installer Size: 11.02 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Amorphys Romania

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