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Description: SAEAUT SMS Service 2.3.1 Keygen Serial

    Software SAEAUT SMS Service enables sending and receiving of individual and group SMS using personal computer.
  • It provides SMS services for other client applications in LAN or internet.
  • It can be used as complete one user’s SMS solution as well.
  • It can be placed either on server or on a desktop computer.
  • A GSM modem or an Internet connection to the chosen SMS web gateway is necessary for its functionality (not provided in all product versions).
  • Product contains:1.
  • Runtime application without user interface implemented as the OS Windows Service2.
  • The configuration application with user interface having two purposes: *The setting up of the runtime application functionality and features *The client application to edit and browse of the sent and received SMSAlthough the main purpose of the product is creating of special client applications using SMS services, we offer also (as individual products not delivered within the product SAEAUT SMS Service) two standard client applications: *SAEAUT SMS Client – this application enables sending of the group and individual SMS in LAN and browsing of sent and received SMS for a just authenticated user.
  • It must be installed on every computer in LAN using SMS services provided by runtime application of the SAEAUT SMS Service.
  • *SAEAUT SMS Web client – the web application for sending of SMS from web browser environment.
  • It is installed on the only one commuter (it can be the same where SAEAUT SMS Service resides).
  • The access to the application is from computers connected to Internet (after authentication) over web browser trough defined URL.
  • Customer applications using SMS functionality can be implemented by two ways: -as external application connected to the SAEAUT SMS Service trough shared database -as VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) application implemented directly in the MDB database file delivered with the productDescriptions and source codes: www.
  • saeautom.
  • sk/download

Installer Size: 4.94 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 10
Developer: SAE – Automation, s.r.o.

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