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Description: Test data generator TDG 2.0 + Activation Crack

    For all database developers, who would like to generate test data or mass data fast and efficiently.
  • TDG works with ODBC-capable SQL databases.
  • You select a table of your target database and TDG reads the table structure automatically.
  • You simply need to add the desired data description and start the data generating process.
  • The data description is stored in a script file.
  • Thus you can feed the same test data into various databases.
  • You can run as many scripts as you like in a sequence and thus feed in a complete set of test data into the database in just one simple step.
  • You can build up a complete database scenario in just one operation.
  • Alternatively, you can save the insert statements in an SQL file.
  • The test data can then be generated offline with the help of standard SQL tools.
  • This means that you can even produce test data in non-ODBC capable SQL databases.
  • If there is no database available, the scripts can be produced manually.
  • Advantages: * Speed in generating test data via self-analysis of existing databases.
  • * Flexibility in generating test data.
  • Real master-detail relations can be made visible.
  • Possibility of exporting insert statements as SQL file.
  • * Time-saving, easy to operate.
  • Easy to get used to.
  • Possibility of viewing the updated data via integrated database viewer.
  • TDG is comprehensive – Fully compatible with both standard ODBC-capable SQL databases as well as Gupta databases via native drivers.
  • TDG is variable – Assign random numbers and characters anywhere within your test data description.
  • TDG is secure – Control of the test data generation via protocols.
  • The success of your session can be checked directly by displaying the actual content of your database table with the integrated database viewer.

Installer Size: 107.35 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: IGS EDV-Systeme

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