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Description: Trading System V 1.0 Crack

    Trading System V is a trading system environment for traders and investors who seek the flexibility and security of a virtualized system and that is based on free and open source software.
  • Stop orders are held best Server-Side anyway, execution quality and thus speed is paramount and traders and investors generally want the latest software.
  • So why not outsource the software part and concentrate on the trading system?Brokers are offering complete solutions for online trading, including streaming quotes, level-1.
  • 5 quotes, level-2 quotes, NASDAQ super montage aggregate views and the equivalent on NYSE.
  • They have charting software fed with the latest quotations and corrected best for splits, dividends and so on.
  • Especially the fixing of quote errors is a task that should be done only centrally for many users, and not by all customers on their own.
  • So, RT price feeds and news feeds are reason enough to use a fully online-centered trading service.
  • There is of course the second dimension – execution quality.
  • The private trader simply can’t beat brokers when it comes to speed and robustness of executing orders.
  • Add in to that the freedom during vacation, sitting in the internet cafe and monitoring your positions, and you have an argument from the unprofessional viewpoint of things why to switch trading setups to an online version.
  • Of course there is even more to it.
  • Buying software as a service for free is much more convenient then to fumble around with your possibly sub-optimal set up trading system software at home.

Installer Size: 0.16 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Unix
Developer: Trend Scalper

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