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Description: Lovely Tiny Console GS 1.8.0 Crack

    Lovely Tiny Console GS is graphical shell of the console with ergonomic, functional and customizable interface.
  • It is able to remember commands and gives ability to work with console input and output with mouse.
  • It has the ability Quick Directories – for quick browsing through directories.
  • And functions Custom Instruments – for quick launching of applications with graphical interface – and Console Utilities – for quick launching console applications.
  • There is ability to Drag and Drop files on LTC GS and open them via “Open with .
  • .
  • .
  • ” command – program will automatically go in their directory, open them and write down their names in recent commands.
  • Also bat and com files can be associated with LTC GS – so that they will be opened in it by double clicking on them.
  • Program is able to work with code pages 850, 866, 1250, 1252 and 1251.
  • First, third and fourth – are for English language, the others – are for Russian language.
  • Also it is able to remember current directory on exit and go in it on start and show current directory in its caption and on Task Bar.
  • LTC GS is able to crypt and hash files.
  • For crypting following algorithms are used – Raided, modified XTEA and my own quick stream cipher LTCC, that can whist and statistical analysis.
  • For hashing following algorithms are used – MD5, CRC and my own LTCH.
  • Program can tune up computer’s parameters – change system’s and net’s settings.
  • Among them there are – settings of processor time quants, RAM using, file system and LAN and internet connections.
  • And other parameters.
  • For free download – less functional evaluation copy is available.
  • Full version will be sent to you after buying.
  • Program is distributed in 7z archive format, to work with it – you can use official free utility from site www.
  • 7zip.
  • org or program WinRAR.

Installer Size: 0.42 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Game World Imaging

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