fonXL Call Display Screen Saver 1.0.2 + Crack


Description: fonXL Call Display Screen Saver 1.0.2 + Crack

    The fonXL Call Display Screen Saver turns your computer into a Call Display unit using your computer’s modem.
  • This fully functional, easy-to-use software combines an elegant translucent design with powerful Call Display technology.
  • The screen saver logs incoming calls while you’re away from your desk, and allows you to navigate and return the calls with a single push of button.
  • Find who was calling by using free Reverse Lookup service, which retrieves the information about your callers from the online Yellow Pages.
  • Customize its look with your favorite background image, or use Web Shots wallpaper.
  • Never miss your call again!

Installer Size: 0.35 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98
Developer: Pingram Software

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