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Description: Blue Sky Project Tracker 1.5.5 Keygen Serial

    Blue Sky Project Tracker is a Web-Based time tracking system with expense tracking.
  • The software is locally installed on a Windows server or PC.
  • The web interface itself can be accessed with a web browser on multiple operation systems.
  • In the web interface, employees can enter the time spent on a project or sub-project.
  • At the same time, expenses can be entered.
  • After a full week has been filled in, the employee can submit the timesheet for approval by the manager.
  • The time and expense tracking data can contain additional user data fields.
  • These data fields can either contain text, numerical values, or items selected from a list.
  • Examples of possible custom fields are: Client, Notes, and Payment method.
  • Statistics are available in graphs and tables, or can be exported to a spreadsheet file format.
  • The statistics show, for example, the amount of time that has been spent per week on each of the major projects.
  • Using a cost calculation factor, the time spending’s can be converted to a monetary value and combined with the other expenses.
  • For each project, a detailed description can be entered, and the progress in percentages can be tracked.
  • A permission system with user accounts, user groups, system permissions, and project permissions, allows fine-grained access control.
  • For example, a user or group can be permitted to view a project, to comment on it, to book spending’s on it, to update its progression, or to completely manage it.
  • The list of user accounts and their group membership can be imported from a CSV file.
  • The Project Tracker Control Panel shows the status of the service, and contains an option to check for an updated version online.
  • The software can use or create a certificate to provide a secure HTTPS web interface.

Installer Size: 5.05 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Palmwood Software

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