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    The X-Script Generator is an abstract syntax interpreter programmable using custom syntax rules specified by separate xml inputs or by specially tagged .
  • NET assemblies.
  • It is used to generate custom visual interfaces for user to construct xml “scripts” having structure equivalent to an extensible language.
  • Using it, many rules of thumb in software automation of various kinds, code generation, etc.
  • can be formalized and reproduced by machine consistently in a common user interface.
  • The current version of the program is pre-programmed to contain a set of syntax rules to construct visual interface elements for all tasks, related data types, functions, and documents pertaining to NAnt+NAntContrib version 0.
  • 85 for a user to generate syntactically correct xml scripts, including extension ports for custom tasks and functions.
  • It can be used as an existing general purpose and relatively complete entrance framework for user defined extensions used to accomplish more specific tasks.
  • It is also a tool to provide context driven, fine grained documentation for syntax, project and generated scripts in which relevant information is displayed to users when it is needed.
  • Combined with traditional overview type of documentation, it is not only a productivity and reliability enhancer, but also is a reducer of the stiffness of learning curve that a user experiences in learning domain specific “languages” and the amount of unnecessary information and the links among them that a user have to remember in the process of use and master a machine oriented language instances specified by custom syntax rules.
  • It significantly increases the productivity and simplicity of producing and maintaining scripts or codes for experienced users.
  • A script producer is guided to focus on real issues that a computer can not do.
  • Its visual interface and advanced data structure makes it easier to produce, share, maintain and cross language manipulation of user scripts and codes.

Installer Size: 4.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
Developer: CryptoGateway Software Inc

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