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    GXDirector is a powerful Open Source software for product development, quality control, maintenance and general device control.
  • With GXDirector you can read property values from a physical device, edit them if needed, and write new values back to the device.
  • The parameter values can be saved to a file, from which they can later be loaded and written back to the device.
  • This makes initialization of the device faster after for example a breakdown or an interruption.
  • You can attach all types of devices to GXDirector, which enables controlling all devices at the same time, with one software.
  • GXDirector is perfect for companies and device manufacturers that need device control software that can be rapidly implemented.
  • GXDirector is suitable for both small firms and large enterprises, because control software is easily customizable.
  • The devices can be anything from small embedded systems to large production machinery.
  • Reduce your costs in product development, quality control, production and training your employees.
  • One software suits for all device controlling needs you may have.
  • Make your device controlling centralized and more efficient.
  • And notice also your chances of creating added value for your customers!The most convenient way is to order the customizing of profiles and user interfaces with the software, but the software is so easy to use, that you can also customize them yourself.
  • Our products are totally independent of the monitored device type and the used connection type.
  • This means that the device does not have to support any known protocol.
  • GXDirector uses device profile (s) and user interfaces created with Device Editor.

Installer Size: 4.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Developer: Gurux Ltd

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