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    TEAMS and PAIRINGS: The number of members on a team or pairing can range from 2 to 6 and can change from round to round.
  • Teams and pairings can be created manually or generated automatically based on:-Random selection, -Handicap, -Prior round gross or net score.
  • FLIGHTS: You can create as many flights as you like or golfers can be automatically slotted in to flights based on handicap or gross score.
  • TEE TIMES: Tee off schedules can be created and printed using a standard or shotgun start.
  • HANDICAPS: The slope method is supported.
  • Handicap percentages, minimums and maximums can be applied.
  • Callaway and Peoria systems available.
  • SCORING: Stroke and Stable ford scoring is supported.
  • TEAM SCORING The following team scoring methods are available: -Best 1, 2, 3 or 4 balls, -Chapman Foursomes, -Foursomes-Greenstones, -Pro Am, -Hero Bum , -Scramble, -Total Score.
  • TIE BREAKING: -One hole retrogression, -Three hole retrogression, -USGA, -Low Gross.
  • GOLF COURSES: You can maintain a database of courses.
  • Par, hole handicaps, slope and course rating for men and women can be entered for 1 to 4 tee boxes.
  • REPORTS: Reports can be output to the screen, printer or Web page.
  • The following reports are available: Golfers (Pairings): -Sorted by Name, Pairing, Team or Course Handicap.
  • Cart Signs, Scorecards: -Including handicap stroke allocation.
  • Leader Board and Skins: -Gross/Net, -Individuals/Teams, -Men/Ladies, -Flights (User defined, Auto flight by gross score or handicap), -Fixed pot and carry over skins, -Selected round or multiround total (Leader board only).
  • Prizes: -Prizewinners can be printed on a summary page or on individual labels.
  • Members: -List or mailing labels.
  • OTHER: No limit to the number of golfers per round.
  • Tournaments can include one or more rounds.
  • Each round can be played on a different course.

Installer Size: 9.67 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer: Home Alone Software

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