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    Perform real-time tracking and reporting, compile and make your data available to you in real-time as visitors come to your site.
  • Power-Stats web statistics software can also be remotely hosted, as service, which means that our servers perform all tracking and reporting functions.
  • You can discover which works better for your site.
  • Use this information to refocus your budget on the keywords and services that perform best for you and save money right away.
  • What keywords are generating sales or leads? is the question to be made before starting a search engine optimization process.
  • Measuring and studying this information provided by Power-Stats web statistics software you can start your website optimization based on a stronger search engine marketing strategy.
  • Using Power-Stats web statistics software improve your search engine optimization highly effective, with ethical and proven methods of gaining you top positioning.
  • Place your organization directly in the path of millions of highly qualified customers, boost your brand imaging, and deliver impressive sales levels.
  • Power-Stats web statistics software displays reports with comprehensive graphics with multiple layer for comparison , time line, comparative color bars and pie graphic for percentage display.
  • Grouped by period of time such as day, week, month, quarter, year and even per hour.
  • By using the unique algorithm provided by Power-Stats web statistics software you will be able to watch each individual URL in your website as a whole, search engines, keywords, referrers, site’s URLs and languages, can be filtered by each other in order to get the most accurate information regarding how your users are finding and browsing the site.

Installer Size: 0.50 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Unix

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