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Description: Twins WebNews 1.0 Crack

    Twins WebNews is a news reader that allows you to read RSS and ATOM web feeds.
  • RSS and ATOM web feeds contain the content of a website, and are provided free-of-charge by thousands of websites around the world.
  • Twins WebNews helps you find these web feeds, add them, and read their content the same way as you do when reading e-mail.
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  • Twins WebNews is not just a regular newsreader! Twins WebNews completely changes the way you read news on the web.
  • Visiting multiple sites, looking for news items you haven’t read, belongs to the past.
  • Various Sort and Filter options help you find the items you want, and filter out those you don’t want.
  • But, there’s more! Twins WebNews keeps all of your web feeds up-2-date in the background, using idle-bandwidth.
  • This ensures that you always have the latest news items available.
  • You can also search for news items, and make news items “sticky” for further reference.
  • Twins WebNews has a powerful, but easy-to-use interface.
  • The Quick Tutorial provided with Twins WebNews helps you getting started in no time.
  • If you can read e-mail, then you can use Twins WebNews! Download Twins WebNews right now and try it out yourself.

Installer Size: 0.91 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Developer: Twins Software

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