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Description: zCFac 1.2 Keygen Crack

    zCFac automatically generates Java, SQL, and HTML for dynamic web applications.
  • The classes handle data access, dynamic searches, navigation, display, and access.
  • Provides options for various edit widgets, search level, and hooks for custom code.
  • zCFac uses a common description to automatically generate consistent.
  • * Java Business Object with gets and sets for parameters.
  • * Java Display and Query manager files that handle the display, editing, listing of objects in a JSP/servlet application.
  • * SQL statements to create the schema, initialize rows, and form queries.
  • * HTML documentation of the objects.
  • * JSP statements to connect the object to a web application.
  • The manager classes use the package com.
  • edenllc.
  • util to provide the following functions * data access with JDBC * dynamic queries based on user defined criteria * CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functions * navigation button for next, previous, etc * dynamic forms based on role and user preferences * role based access to objects and forms * facilities for time and calendar display

Installer Size: 1.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows 2000
Developer: Eden Systems LLC

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