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Description: Serial Port Splitter 5.0.119 + Full Crack

    Serial Port Splitter comes in handy if you need to split some hardware serial port into several virtual COM ports, each of them acting exactly like the original port and even having the very same name.
  • Thus, any data received by the original serial port immediately arrives at each virtual port.
  • For example, this approach can be used for enabling some serial device to interact with many applications at the same time.
  • Another thing you can easily do with Serial Port Splitter, is to redirect all serial traffic from some hardware serial port to another serial port (whether hardware or virtual one), so that any data sent to the redirected port is instantly received by the redirection port.
  • If you need to run some indispensable software with “hardwired” serial-port settings that cannot be changed so easily, Serial Port Splitter comes as a life saver.
  • Using Serial Port Splitter, you can also join several serial ports into one virtual port.
  • For a software program which needs to handle a few serial devices simultaneously, the Splitter utility can easily arrange that any data sent to one of the joined ports is instantly received by the joining port, and vice versa.
  • Moreover, with Serial Port Splitter you can create complex bundles of real and virtual serial ports and interconnect them according to your needs, thus enabling them to exchange data

Installer Size: 6.54 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Serial Port Software

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