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Description: SimpleSend 3.4 + Activation Crack

    SimpleSend is an all-in-one network file synchronization and email distribution utility.
  • Upload or synchronize folders and files via network shares or secure FTP transfers.
  • Distribute files to multiple recipients automatically via email.
  • Database integration to create file or email distribution lists automatically.
  • Integrates with other applications via command line or runs as an unattended Windows service.
  • SimpleSend features include:-Upload or synchronize files to an FTP server -Supports SSL for secure FTP transfers-Email files to one or several users -Copy and synchronize files via network file shares-Create file lists from a CSV file or any delimited text file -Connect to any database to create file lists-Merge CSV or database fields into email recipients, subject or body -Select multiple sources and destinations for each transfer -Split large file sets into smaller files for emailing -Integrate with 3rd party applications via command line -Save settings to a file for 1-click processing -Schedule transfers for off-peak hours via the task scheduler-Run as an unattended Windows serviceSimpleSend lets you define complex file sets for upload.
  • These file sets can contain any type of file, whole folders or folder trees.
  • File sets can also be defined via the command line, database query or by importing a CSV (comma separated values) file.
  • Simple Send’s FTP and email functions are designed to let you send many files to many users automatically.
  • It has several special features designed for document scanning and document management applications, making it a perfect tool for transferring documents scanned with network scanners, digital copiers and distributed capture applications.

Installer Size: 9.87 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 10
Developer: Simple Software

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