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    Modelling and simulation of continuous and time discrete systems in the time and frequency domain.
  • Best suited for the study of automatic control systems.
  • Graphical, block oriented user interface with more than 80 basic blocks divided into various categories.
  • (Sources, linear, nonlinear, plots, actuators, controllers, time discrete, converters, logic, miscellaneous, special and drawing.
  • ).
  • Illustration and documentation of the diagrams with shapes (lines, rectangles, circles, etc.
  • ) and text.
  • Creation of user-defined blocks in a special design window.
  • Saving of frequently used subsystems in libraries for later reuse.
  • The simulation results are presented as data series in tabular form as well as time, Bode, Nichols-Black and NY Quist diagrams which can exported to other applications for further processing.
  • Computes the eigenvalues of linear systems.
  • The program supports the investigation of systems with varying parameter values and different external stimulations.
  • SimApp distinguishes itself from other similar products due to the intuitive handling and ease-of-use that provides utilizable results in a few minutes.
  • In addition the user is supported by a detailed program help.
  • SimApp exists in three different editions which distinguish themselves in terms of maximal system size, program functions and purchase price.
  • Student can buy the program for an affordable price.
  • There exists also a very affordable Light version.

Installer Size: 5.47 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Buesser Engineering

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