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Description: ScrapePro Web Scraper + Crack

    Extensible web scraper platform.
  • Designer features: – Easy configuration using configuration tree, drag and drop, context menus and wizards.
  • – Extensibility: use custom actions, converters, filters, data sources, user interface plugins – Automatic HTML element filter detection – Wizards – HTML element filters (not just Path!) and converters to extract any data in any format in a reliable way – Custom actions to do anything that is possible on a web site (login, search, paging, submit, solve CAPTCHA, extract data, send emails & private messages, etc.
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  • Net macro support to implement custom action, filtering or conversion functionality – Multiple database support – Web-based configuration file storage – Window docking Crawler features: – Multiple crawler processes – Real time graphical crawler interface – Per-page configurable browser options – Multiple browser engine support – Built-in proxy to filter and modify web pages – HTML Tidy to fix invalid HTML DOM trees – Customizable error handling and logging – Constraints to ensure data validity – Multiple data sources and record storages – API to implement custom crawlers

Installer Size: 14.00 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

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