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Description: Liquid Studio 1.10 + Crack

    Liquid Studio is a powerful development suite that creates programs for the Liquid Virtual Machine (LVM).
  • Programs are written in Echoes, a modern object-oriented BASIC-like programming language.
  • Liquid Player implements the LVM, a virtual machine that sits on top of Windows.
  • Programs that run in the LVM have access to many advanced features, such as consoles, 2D/3D graphics, audio, SQL databases, XML, Internet, and much more! Liquid Player is included with Liquid Studio, or can be downloaded separately.
  • Programs written with Liquid Studio compile into a compact bytecode, called a Liquid Executable.
  • Liquid Executable, along with the Liquid Player application to run them, can be distributed royalty free.

Installer Size: 4.01 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP
Developer: Global Heavy Industries

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