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Description: USB over IP Network 7.0 + Crack

    USB over IP Network lets you connect to any USB device located on a remote PC on a local network or the Internet.
  • You will be able to work with it as with a local USB device and applications working with it won’t even see the difference.
  • USB over IP Network works with a USB driver at the system level.
  • It intercepts USB port activity for the shared device and redirects it via TCP/IP to a remote site, where it is handled appropriately.
  • To achieve such functionality, USB over IP Network is installed on both computers that take part in the communication process.
  • Therefore, USB over IP Network uses client-server architecture (server side has the USB device physically attached to it, while client side connects to remote server and uses the services it provides), but each side can be a client and a server at the same time.
  • USB over IP Network shares USB ports rather than devices.
  • The benefit of this approach is that you may plug in a USB device, connect to it from the remote host, detach the device and plug in another one, and it will automatically appear at the client side.
  • Among its key-features are an unlimited number of USB devices that can be shared, auto-connecting to new USB devices whenever you plug them in and working with virtual machines.
  • Shared USB ports are also automatically re-configured every time you boot your PC.
  • The program is fully compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003 and with Hyper Threaded and multi-processor systems.
  • An advanced and robust architecture, a wide range of supported USB devices and standards, and the simplicity of use make USB over IP Network a real pleasure to work with.

Installer Size: 4.22 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Developer: Virtual Serial Port Software

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