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Description: Excel Duplicate Remover 4.6 + Crack

    Excel Duplicate Remover is a powerful MS Excel Add-In.
  • You can remove duplicates in excel easily by using its commands which are specially developed to give you the power of automation.
  • You can remove, format and count duplicate & unique entries in excel with lightning speed and quality results.
  • It processes thousands of entries within a minute which saves your precious time and money.
  • In brief, Duplicate Remover is a valuable Addin to automate duplicate removal, formatting and counting task for Excel with quality and speed.
  • We can say every Excel user must have Duplicate Remover to Format & Remove Duplicates in Excel because It is not only Duplicate Remover but a complete Duplicate RemoverKey Features : * It can remove Duplicates in Excel Data.
  • * Remove Duplicates Keeps First in Excel Column.
  • * Remove Unique values from a Excel Data Column.
  • * Remove Entries from 1st List existing in the other.
  • * Duplicate Preventer restricts further duplicate entries in Excel Column.
  • * You can Color Duplicate Rows in Excel of your choice.
  • * Color Unique Rows in Excel.
  • * It can Count Duplicate in Excel Column.
  • * Count Unique values in Excel Column.
  • * Easy to use with user-friendly interface.
  • * Supports MS Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010.
  • * Fastest and Reliable Duplicate Remover tool for Excel.
  • * Tool to Remove Duplicates in Excel.
  • * Software to remove and retain duplicate unique entries in excel.
  • * It is software to count duplicates.
  • * Tool to Colour duplicates in Excel.
  • * In all great Duplicate Excel Addin to prevent and remove duplicates used to clean and filter excel data.

Installer Size: 1.17 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 2003
Developer: Lantech Soft

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