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    Controls4J Library is a set of improved graphical controls for the Java/Swing.
  • Here is brief description of the library’s components.
  • JFontChooser is this dialogue is intended for fonts selection.
  • The distinctive features are as follows: increased control over user actions (for example, a user cannot enter letters or negative numbers in the digit entry fields) and enabled auto addition in the font name field.
  • JBasicFindDlg is a simplified implementation of a dialogue for text searching.
  • JBasicFindReplaceDlg – is a simplified implementation of a dialogue for searching and replacing of the text fragments.
  • JIntegerField is a control intended for input of numeric values.
  • It allows setting upper and lower limits of legitimate values; restrict editing, if the user enters false information; or highlight the contents of the field if not allowed value is entered.
  • Control over the focus is provided as well.
  • JSortedList is a control for selecting values from a big data list, including countries, cities, etc, for example.
  • Auto completing upon user input is enabled, as well as auto scrolling through the list.
  • JOutlookBar is implementation of the well-known Outlook Bar control.
  • It has two work modes.
  • It also allows selecting animation effects for the drop-down action.
  • JInternetLink is a control that looks like a usual link in the HTML page.
  • It allows launching the browser installed in the system with an assigned URL as a default browser location.
  • JTreeComboBox is a combo-box in which the drop-down list is replaced with a drop-down tree.
  • Checkbox is a check box with three status modes instead of two ones.
  • JCheckBoxPane is a panel which has a check box in the title and which is used to control a disabled and enabled state of the panel’s child elements.
  • JHeapManager is used to show JVM memory usage at the moment.
  • Control also allow activating the garbage collector.
  • JInputValidator is a control for marking the text fields that are required for filling.
  • Such practice I

Installer Size: 1.11 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows 98
Developer: Iksanika LLC.

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