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Description: Cappy Screen Capture 3.5 Crack Patch

    Select an area on the screen and instantly pop the captured image into Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Excel.
  • Save the image as a file (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG), send it by email, print it, copy it to the clipboard, or open it in your image editor or Microsoft Paint.
  • You can capture the entire screen, just the contents of one window, or any one of 10 custom shapes: rectangle, ellipse, circle, square, rounded rectangle, racetrack, triangle, diamond, hexagon, octagon.
  • The image can be ROTATED TO ANY ANGLE, mirrored, flipped, scaled, color inverted, made black and white or sepia.
  • It can be stamped with the date, time, or your name.
  • Many custom backgrounds (32 patterns) are provided and the edges can be blended.
  • You can create nice portraits, like the tiger cub shown with blended edges in the screenshot.
  • Cappy can capture any image you can get up on the screen.
  • Cappy appears as a small blue computer icon in the tray on the lower right of your screen.
  • If you have PowerPoint, Word, or Excel, installed on your computer, Cappy will automatically create a PowerPoint Slide, or a Word Document, or an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • It will then open the program and show you the captured image.
  • You can then do any of the functions contained in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel.
  • For example, you can add arrows pointing out features in the captured image, or add titles or labels.
  • You can also make more than one capture and they will all be placed in the same document.
  • In PowerPoint each screen capture will appear on a different slide, so you can capture an entire slide show.
  • This trial version will operate for 14 days.
  • It also places the word “Cappy” on the bottom left of each captured screen.
  • If you purchase the program for .
  • 00 I will send you a serial number by email that will remove this line, enable continued operation with no time limit, and automatically place your name on the PowerPoint slide, Word Document, or Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Pay once and all future upgrades are free.

Installer Size: 8.59 MB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT
Developer: Michael Robinson

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