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Description: R2DD2R 1.00 Keygen Serial

    Roman Numerals / Decimal Conversion Utility – R2DD2R.
  • EXE, version 1.
  • 00 (for Windows XP+).
  • Performs quick and accurate conversion between Roman Numerals and Decimal notation in either direction.
  • Handy Roman Numerals Reference Table is also provided.
  • Cut and paste from/into the user input textbox fields or from the Roman Numerals Reference Table for ease of use.
  • R2D conversion direction automatically applies the subtractive principle rules formatting and checks for invalid character combinations.
  • Roman Numeral values greater than 3, 999 decimal are shown with the parentheses convention to signify that the base characters are multiplied by 1, 000.

Installer Size: 268 KB
Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000
Developer: Ataspec Software

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